JP Waterline Engineering Services Limited has been established on 2011. Over the years, with hard work, quality services and top of the edge products, the company earned customer’s trust and it is now preferred by individuals and companies for domestic or business projects.

Owner and director of the company is Mr. Iacovos Pierides who has a 35+ years of experience in engineering services (Cooling and Ventilation Systems, Central Heating, Plumbing and Fire Protection). Iacovos is always at the front of every project or workshop, analyzing the needs and the progress of every project taken. The personal touch and the communication with the client is the path to the successful completion of every project taken. 


area of expertise

The company expertise on 4 major engineering sectors:

  • Cooling and Ventilation System
  • Central Heating
  • Plumbings of all kinds
  • Fire Prevention and Protection