what is a fire sprinkler system?

A fire sprinkler system is a simple, but key, active component of a domestic or commercial building’s fire protection system.
Installed in ceilings or side walls, the system consists of a water supply, a water distribution piping system and sprinkler heads. The sprinkler discharges water automatically when a fire is detected, though it is not triggered by smoke. It controls or extinguishes the fire, so is both a fire detection and suppression system.

how fire sprinkler system work

As mentioned above, a fire sprinkler system is simple but effective. Watch this tutorial YouTube video to find out how they work.

Testing and Monitoring

You the client, need to know that your fire sprinkler system is functioning well and will remain functioning when needed. Our company has the the tools, the technology and the personnel to test and monitor the installation and the functionality of the entire fire sprinkler system in order to identify either problems, malfunctions or leakage before they developed into serious issues. A fire sprinkler system should be maintained at the best possible condition and be ready when and if needed.

Support and Maintenance

Keeping your units in a good shape is our priority. We offer maintenance and support plans to maintain your systems functioning when needed.